Megyn Kelly's unwavering dedication to unbiased reporting aligns with our commitment to liberty and independent thought

In the pursuit of championing conservative values and fostering a commitment to free speech, Freedom2o proudly announces its collaboration with renowned journalist, Megyn Kelly

Kelly said of Freedom2o, “I believe in the right to offend. To insult. Even to horrify. It’s not that we’re supposed to enjoy it; it’s that we’re supposed to allow it and then respond in a more persuasive voice. That’s the bedrock of the First Amendment—the answer to speech you do not like is not less speech, it’s more speech."

For a special discount you can use the code “MK” on to join Megyn and the millions of Americans who celebrate the Right to Free Speech.

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Love it!!

The Nixon bottle is the funniest!

Loved seeing it in Detroit!

Thank you so much for the water for the Trump event!

David K.
The slogans are amazing

Get it for your liberal aunt

Megyn Kelly Champions Free Speech with Freedom Water™

In expressing her support for Freedom2o while enjoying a refreshing Freedom Water™, Megyn emphasizes the importance of preserving the freedom of speech in today's dynamic societal landscape. She states, "In a world where differing opinions are often stifled, Freedom2o stands as a beacon for open dialogue. I am thrilled to be part of a brand that not only provides refreshing water but also symbolizes the essence of freedom.

Megyn Kelly's Choice is Freedom Water™ for Open Dialogue

Freedom2o is delighted to collaborate with Megyn Kelly, recognizing her as a trailblazer in journalism and an advocate for individual liberties. Our brand has always stood for more than just water; it represents a commitment to values that form the bedrock of a free society. With Megyn on board, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to engage in meaningful conversations, respecting diverse viewpoints with refreshing water.

Megyn Kelly Believes in Free Speech and Hydration Water

Freedom 2o is the unapologetic bottled water company celebrates the belief in the Freedom to Speak, the Freedom to Think, and the Freedom to Live. Drink Freedom Water, Because Freedom should never come with a trigger warning. Our brand is more than just water; its a movement of Americans who are fighting to protect the this country’s unapologetic right to speak, think, and the right to live.

Megyn Kelly is Stirring the Still Waters of Free Public Discourse with Freedom2o

Megyn Kelly's stance on political correctness highlights how it can constrict genuine debate, mirroring how a drought limits water's nourishment to the earth. This environment of self-censorship, spurred by the fear of backlash, parches the landscape of public discourse, preventing the natural flow of diverse ideas. Kelly's call to action urges us to irrigate our conversations with openness, allowing thoughts to permeate as freely as water seeps into dry soil. By doing so, we not only quench our society's thirst for robust dialogue but also ensure that our collective growth is nurtured by the life-giving force of unbridled exchange, as essential to our progress as water is to life.