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Being woke is like having a hypersensitivity radar that beeps incessantly at the slightest hint of a controversial statement. It's ok to cry, just not for stupid shit. You're not just sensitive; you're hyper-sensitive. It's like having a social thermometer, always measuring the temperature of your offended feelings. Relax, take a sip of freedom water. How do you define Woke?

With rising political tension, we introduce 'anti woke water' – a refreshing symbol of unyielding conservative resolve. Be it the heat of an argument or a parched throat on a sunny day, this water is designed to serve you. Don't succumb to wokeness. Stand your ground, stay hydrated, and show the world what it means to be a conservative! Our water source, unlike those liberal tears, runs deep and crisp. With untamed passion, we bring you a republican triumph packaged into a water bottle. Conservative values have been poured, quite literally, into our brand. It offers a taste of freedom that no liberal tear can match, and we call it, quite aptly, the 'conservative liquid death.' Republican water store online is our marketplace for this revolutionary product. 'Liberal Tears' is not just a fancy tagline; it's our promised quality, our pledge. Handled and dispensed with care, this water is a refreshing tribute to every stalwart refusing to bow down to liberal pressures!

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Love it!!

The Nixon bottle is the funniest!

Loved seeing it in Detroit!

Thank you so much for the water for the Trump event!

David K.
The slogans are amazing

Get it for your liberal aunt