We stand with Bill O’Reilly, Bill stands with us.

We stand with Bill O’Reilly, Bill stands with us.

When we decided to start Freedom2o, a water company catering to  unapologetic Conservatives it made sense to tap our friend Bill O’Reilly as our inaugural brand ambassador. Bill exemplifies what we stand for here at Freedom2o as a relentless leader in free speech and independent thought.

Bill said in support of Freedom2o, “Our freedoms should never be taken for granted; they must be cherished, protected and defended. When corporations pander to the liberal agenda we must boycott them and when corporations stand up for conservative values we must support them. Which brings me to Freedom2o, the bottled water company that proudly represents us. Also they have hilarious sayings on the bottles like, “This water ain’t woke” and “Bottled with the tears of liberals”.”

For those who share our values, a special discount is available by entering the code “Bill” on the website during your purchase. Bill pointed out that, “We must never discount Freedom but we can discount the water.”

We have watched Bill over the years from The O’Reilly Factor to No Spin News prove day in and day out that he is a true champion of Free Speech and for that we are honored to have him on the Freedom2o team. We are inspired by Bill to make our conservative voices be heard. As Bill says, “Stand up, be counted. We have the numbers.”

We stand with Bill O’Reilly, Bill stands with us, we all stand for Freedom.

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