Water brand aims to tap anti-woke market: ‘Made from liberal tears.’

Water-brand-aims-to-tap-anti-woke-market-Made-from-liberal-tears. Freedom2o

It’s water for the non-woke.

A Republican entrepreneur is launching Freedom2o, bottled water targeted at thirsty Republican voters and promising the taste of liberal tears.

Six packs go for $11.00 and hit the Internet on October 27 — timed for the anniversary of one of Ronald Reagan’s most significant speeches — and got a Times Square billboard debut too.

As for liberals: let them drink Perrier is White’s view.

White, 36, who has found success working in auto racing, video games and tech, came up with the idea for Freedom2o while on the sofa of her South Florida home. 

“I was watching the Republican debate and a light went on in my head,” White told The Post.

Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White’s Freedom2o got a Times Square ad campaign starting on October 27 — but slogans making fun of Joe Biden were turned down.Stephen Yang
Hilary Clinton ad for Freedom2o
The water is unashamed in its branding. White told The Post that at least one first amendment lawyer turned her down, for fear of appealing to the MAGA crowd. “We’re not even MAGA!” White said.Courtesy of Elizabeth White/ Freedom2o

“They cut to a commercial and I saw so many people drinking water. But the water being consumed had no connection to the people drinking it.

“Kevin McCarthy was drinking Dasani — which is left, right and center. If he drank Freedom, I think he would still be Speaker of the House.”

White says that the dearth of mainstream products aimed at conservative consumers is no accident.

Bottles of Freedom2o water
Showing that they drink the way they think, members of the Log Cabin Republicans will be serving Freedom water at their upcoming gala.Stephen Yang
Biden ad for Freedom2o
White is hopping to put up a billboard that has more of a political sting than the current one in Times Square.Courtesy of Elizabeth White/ Freedom2o

“Companies today are scared to stand up for what they believe in” she said. “They are afraid to say they are conservative. They are afraid of the backlash from a loud opposition. Corporate executives feel pressure from the outside and think they need to compromise. We don’t compromise.”

Regarding the water itself, it comes from Freedom’s bottling partners in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and California. White describes it as “purified bottled water, with ionization and reverse osmosis.”

Told that it originates in all red states except for one, she pointed out, “Some parts of California are red.”

Freedom2o water’s October 27 debut was by design. That date marked the 59th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s national career-launching speech in which he warned the American people that it is a “time for choosing” between “the maximum of individual freedom” and “the ant heap of totalitarianism.”

Clearly a fan of the movie-star turned president, and sharing in his sentiments, White recalled, “He said in the speech that the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant but they know so much that isn’t so. That speech parallels very well with where we are today.”

Elizabeth White drinking Freedom water
White believes Kevin McCarthy would still be speaker of the house if he had shown his true political colors by drinking Freedom during the Republican debates.Stephen Yang

The bottle makes clear where White stands. “Our labels speak for themselves,” she said. “‘This water ain’t woke,’ ‘Water for deplorables’ and ‘Drink this water or move to Canada.’”

However not all its messaging was approved for its Times Square ad campaign, with ads reading “Sip for Dick” with a picture of President Nixon and “This water isn’t sleepy” with a picture of President Biden both nixed.

White looked into getting legal assistance to clear any potential hurdles in terms of her sloganeering, but, as she discovered, when you sell a Republican message, attorneys don’t always want to take your money.

“I threw some of our taglines and slogans at a pretty famous first amendment lawyer in New York; we possibly wanted to put him on retainer,” she said.

Elizabeth White and Freedom billboard
White hopes that Freedom water stimulates political debate or can be used to “spray the woke away.”Stephen Yang

“He heard the lines and snapped, ‘I don’t want to help you perpetuate MAGA s**t.’ And we’re not even MAGA!”

Was she put off by the response? “Actually,” she said, “I loved it. It speaks to how triggering it is when you say what you really think or even if you just want to start a conversation.”

And White is pushing all in on the triggering. “We are selling trigger sprayers,” she said. “You can drink the water or use it to spray the woke away.”

One group making Freedom2o their choice of thirst-quencher is the Log Cabin Republicans, the LGBT wing of the party. It will be served at the organization’s upcoming gala, to be held in the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Cali. “Elizabeth is making a special run of the water for us,” Charles Moran, president of the organization, told The Post. “The bottles will say ‘You don’t have to be straight to shoot straight.’ It is a nod toward LGBT people being able to serve openly in the military.”

Next up, she has her eyes set on no less a Republican stronghold than Mar-a-Lago. “Maybe we’ll send a case over,” White said. “I can see the members drinking Freedom from champagne flutes.”

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