Water Isn't Political

Water Isn't Political

Everything is political. You can’t walk into any store without the liberal agenda being pushed in your face. From Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sprinkling socialism on their packaging to Nike giving millions to athletes who disrespect the men and women who risk their lives for this country- politics is everywhere. Woke Pepsi, Woke Target, Woke Budweiser… no explanation necessary. Dangerously woke Airbnb now offers free lodging to non-vetted immigrants, Apple Computers supports amnesty for illegal aliens, Bath and Body Works and Energizer directly fund Planned Parenthood, 100% of Footlocker’s contributions go to Democrats, Goldman Sachs Banks were Obama’s top contributors, Heineken supports open borders, and the list goes on and on. If you spend money with these companies you are promoting the leftist agenda. If you are conservative and you support these companies you are working against yourself. Everything is political, including the water we drink.

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Love it!!

The Nixon bottle is the funniest!

Loved seeing it in Detroit!

Thank you so much for the water for the Trump event!

David K.
The slogans are amazing

Get it for your liberal aunt